Truly Authentic, Truly Artisanal

The unique flavor of brick-oven pizza is unmatched. Pizza Napoletana has a thin crust that is characteristically soft and chewy with a little char from the blistering heat from the oven’s 850-950°F and bake in around 80 seconds! We make our dough daily using Antimo Caputo “tipo 00” flour from Napoli, which is milled specifically for Neapolitan pizza dough, add fresh yeast, cold water and sea salt, then mix it in our Italian Mecnosud fork mixer. Our red sauce is simply crushed San Marzano tomatoes and sea salt. That’s it!  Most of our white pizzas are sauced with Panna, a mixture of mozzarella & ricotta cheeses and cream. Several are just sauced with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or as it reads on our menu, E.V.O.O., others with E.V.O.O. and a little chopped fresh garlic.

In Naples, Pizza Napoletana is always eaten with a knife and fork, but at FRANK’S we are happy to slice it for you! If you prefer to have it un-sliced, please tell your server beforehand.

Our Stefano Ferrara Oven

The final and obviously the most visually entertaining component to our pizza is our 6,900 pound Stefano Ferrara handmade wood fired Neapolitan pizza oven made by Stefano himself in Napoli and only the second one in the state of Louisiana.

All the bricks and mortar are actually made from volcanic material from Mount Vesuvius. It is the focal point of our open kitchen, our menu and our concept and definitely the true heart and soul of our pizza. It’s the intense heat this oven generates that makes the pizzas taste so great. These ovens are hard to tame, but even harder not to love. This ancient style of oven is a dynamic living thing, constantly in flux. The way the oven stores the heat, the smoky flavor imparted on the pizza from the wood and the speed at which it cooks are all the keys to producing true Pizza Napoletana.

Take Tradition Home

Pizza Napoletana, our style of pizza, is best enjoyed “in house,” that is, eaten when it is fresh from the oven. To get the FRANK’S experience at home, we recommend that before you leave your house to pick up your pizzas, preheat your oven with a pizza stone to 450°F. When you get home, slide your un-cut pizza on the preheated stone for 5 minutes. The thin, delicate crust will re-crisp. Cut and you will be ready to go!

To make it easier to reheat, we normally do not cut to-go pizzas at night. If you want yours cut, please specify when ordering. Lunch orders are normally taken back to an office and eaten there, so we cut them unless asked not to.